Tumi Johnson

Tumi Johnson, photo by David Meanix

Tumi Johnson is a healing and performance artist that works as both a professional Contemporary and African dancer as well as an Integrative Holistic physician. Johnson was raised in Ibadan, Nigeria and Nashville, Tennessee. A former Presidential Scholar in the Arts, she studied dance and environmental biology at Rice University, where she received her B.A.

Johnson has since had the opportunity to dance in places as varied as New York, Port-Au-Prince, Mombasa, and Paris. She has worked and danced with choreographers that include Liz Lerman, Alexandra Beller, Fiona Alderman, Deborah Silver, and Shani Aduculesi.  As a member of the NYC-based Roza Dance Company, Johnson performed in multiple venues including Dance New Amsterdam, as part of the Movement Research Open Performance shows, and as part of Arts East NY’s outreach projects (with initiatives to reduce gun violence and introduce more of the arts to inner city Brooklyn).  Johnson also performed two solos for the company as part of the International 60×60 Dance Festival in NYC, in the summer of 2011.

In the fall of 2011, Johnson moved to Paris and spent 6 months in France working on creating and refining her self titled ‘poem dances’: solo dance creations that are crafted from original poetry.  Johnson believes that humanism first begins with awareness, and the poem dances are aural and visual manifestations of verse that often probe individual and relational challenges. The poem dances are offered as evocative experiences through which the curious and sometimes difficult human landscapes can be explored.