Curt Haworth and Nicole Bindler

Photo by Arthur Fink

Photo by Arthur Fink

Leftrightwaterice created and performed by Nicole Bindler, Curt Haworth and Andy Hayleck, in collaboration,  inspired by space, architecture, time and the in-the-moment relationship to the audience.

Curt Haworth and Nicole Bindler, partners in life and in dance, co-curated FALLS BRIDGE: new movement, improvisation and performance festival from 2010-2013 through University of the Arts, Mascher Space Cooperative and Philly PARD. They have co-taught and performed together at University of the Arts, San Telmo studio in Buenos Aires, Contact Festival Freiburg, throughout Palestine, Wild Meadows Improvisation Intensive in Western PA, Earthdance in Western MA and Cultivate in Bethlehem, NH.

Curt Haworth, an expatriate Californian, lived in New York City for twenty years before moving to Philadelphia in 2009. With a BA in Creative Writing and an MFA in Dance, he has an eclectic movement background ranging from athletics to postmodern techniques, to yoga, contact improvisation and ballet. He toured internationally with David Dorfman Dance from 1990 to 2002.

Nicole Bindler, Body-based performing artist and Somatic Movement Educator has taught BMC® Yoga, Contact Improvisation and Performance Practice internationally. Her dances have been presented throughout the U.S., Canada, Argentina, Berlin, Tokyo, Beirut, Mexico and Quito (Ecuador). Her work has been supported by Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Philadelphia Dance Projects and The Pew Center for Arts and Heritage.