Jesse Phillps-Fein

Jesse Phillips-Fein

Jesse Phillips-Fein

z o n e is a dance examining mental and physical strategies for living in a “post-crisis” era, where catastrophe is normal and killing is clean. Based in research on drone warfare, Positive Thinking affirmations, and adidas commercials, movement derived from working out, weaponry, and survival tactics, creates bodies that are dead, deadly, but cannot ultimately escape their own tenderness.

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Jesse Phillips-Fein is a dancer, choreographer, dance educator, and curator/producer of multi-genre shows. She grew up in Brooklyn NY, where she studied dance at the BAX and The Dalton School. She earned a B.A. in Dance & Cultural Anthropology from Smith College, and a Diploma from the Laban Centre in London, England. Since returning to NYC in 2001, her work has been presented at BRICstudio, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Chashama, Connelly Theater, Dance New Amsterdam, Danspace Project, Dixon Place, HERE Arts Center, GreenSpace, Movement Research at Judson Church, Theater for the New City, Williamsburg Arts Nexus, and White Wave. In addition, she has performed with CORA Dance, Cassie Mey, EmmaGrace Skove-Epes, Layard Thompson, and Adam Matta. She has received grants from DTW’s Outer/Space program, the Brooklyn Arts Council, Lower Manhattan Community Council and the Puffin Foundation. She currently teaches Middle & High School dance at the Brooklyn Friends School, and is completing an inter-disciplinary Masters degree program at NYU.