Louise Moyes/Docudance

Louise Moyes Docudance, photo by Jared Reid

Louise Moyes/Docudance, photo by Jared Reid

In All Zoos Everywhere a gorilla, a child, a man and Heidegger cross paths one day in a zoo in Rotterdam, trying to “break through that retaining wall of time”  – and other enclosures, real or imagined. Are we ready for the onslaught when the barriers break between animal and human, time and being? And who will forgive us? Based on award-winning Newfoundland author Lisa Moore’s story All Zoos Everywhere; named one of the Top Three Performances in 2013 by The Overcast, St. John’s.

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Louise Moyes most often performs docudances: shows she researches, choreographs, and performs working with the rhythm of voices, language, and accents like a musical ‘score’. Previous works include Moore-Gallant: a docudance, St. John’s ‘Women’, Florence, Taking in Strangers and Unravelling the Borders. Moyes is also currently performing dance and interdisciplinary pieces by choreographers Jo Leslie and Eryn Dace Trudell. Moyes is excited to have been commissioned to make a docudance on Dancers Tammy Mcleod, Calla Lachance and Andrea Tucker in 2013. Moyes studied at Studio 303 in Montreal. She has performed throughout Canada, Germany, Italy, Iceland, New York, Australia, and Brazil.

Website: docudance.com