Two Destination Language

Two Destination Language, photo by Alma Haser

Two Destination Language, photo by Alma Haser

Near Gone is a performance about our inevitable departure. Delivered in English and Bulgarian it tells a traagic story with gentle humour and impressive energy.

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Two Destination Language are Katherina Radeva and Alister Lownie. They share interests in contemporary theatre and performance practices, traversing art and theatre. They formally created “Two Destination Language” in the summer of 2011 after a year of working together. Their projects vary from touring theatre pieces to site-specific experiences and installations with a very strong participatory or interactive element to all of their work.  Live art, movement and drama have their place in both artists’ histories. A belief that live work should have its audience at its core, and that artists should strive to create stimulating experiences for their audiences, is the foundation of their collaborative practice, Two Destination Language. Community, identity and memory are the ideas which percolate all Two Destination Language work: an interest in boundaries and otherness, belonging and personal history.  Work to date includes A Journey of a Home (2011) toured internationally, Fallen Fruit (2011) UK tour, WLTM (2012), FLINT festival (2012-2013) Wiltshire and Hampshire, Storyville (2013) Chester, Near Gone (2013) UK tour from October 2013 and won the Pulse Fringe Suitcase Prize in 2013. Two Destination Language are Associate artists at The Point, Eastleigh and Resident company at Salisbury Arts Centre.