Martita Abril

Martita Abril, photo by Gaeun Kim

Martita Abril, photo by Gaeun Kim

Martita Abril presents Dis Or Der, a choreography inspired by conflict with oneself and their conscious and as a solution looking for alcohol to escape problems and not face reality. It is inspired by the effects of alcohol abuse: loss of balance, loss of control of oneself, radical changes in emotions and loss of ability to make rational decisions.

Martita Abril is a performer, choreographer, and teaching artist from Tijuana, México. She earned her BFA from San Diego State University in 2009. She has worked with dance artists and companies throughout México, the U.S. and Ecuador, including a number of projects and performances with Lux Boreal Danza Contemporánea, Allyson Green Dance and Khosro Adibi. She was a lead organizer for the Fronteras México project that focused on teaching through the arts at orphanages and marginalized areas of Tijuana, México. She was named a 2010-2011 PECDA Scholar as a “Young Creator” by the State of Baja California, México for her project “Union Artistica Sin Fronteras” that explored transcendence of the physical and cultural boundary between Tijuana and San Diego through artistic exchange. Last year, Abril was selected for the national fellowship from FONCA, a year-long fellowship through the Government of México to pursue advanced scholarship abroad. She was selected for the Fresh Tracks Residency 2013-2014 at New York Live Arts where she presented her most recent work Ripping Up The Finish this past December. Abril was selected for the 2013 New York Foundation for the Arts Immigrant Artist Program; she is currently the Education and Operations Associate at the Trisha Brown Dance Company and a Production Internship at Movement Research. She was awarded the 2014 Outstanding Alumna by San Diego State University and recently selected for the Assets for Artist Program from the MASS MoCA.


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