Societat Doctor Alonso

Societat Doctor Alonso, photo by Alessia Bombassi

Anarchy. (Lend us an electric guitar and small amp and get a free ticket!). From birth we are tied to circumstances and depend on others to get things as essential as food and warmth. Theater companies depend on their audiences and theaters (and sometimes on governments) to enable them to perform. However, this social interdependence does not turn the audience or the theaters or the governments into artists’ owners. Anarchy is an experiment between chaos and order, a performance where the audience can take part from their seats. Semolina Tomic, the performer, executes choreography that explores the musicality of movement, and the piece explores control, chaos, order, and who “owns” art.

La Societat Doctor Alonso has constructed a language which has found one of its key factors in the concept of movement by placing anything outside of its place, area or ‘own space’ in order to investigate how this movement modifies language with respect to both its constituent grammar as well as with respect to the reading made by an observer. This involves moving in order to reveal something. This action of movement has shown itself to be an efficient tool for creating areas of poetic discourse which question our ‘standardised’ understanding of reality.

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