2020 Performance Mix Festival

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New Dance Alliance presents

Performance Mix Festival #34:
Remotely Yours

May 4th – May 31st online

featuring artists sharing: videos, photos, text and livestreams daily beginning at noon

Thank you for a successful digital festival throughout the month of May!

Week One

May 4th NOT for reTALE | Emily Smith livestream at 8:30pm

May 5th Maya Orchin

May 6th Marion Spencer livestream at 12pm, 4pm & 8pm

May 7th Juli Brandano

May 8th Julia Antinozzi livestream at 12pm

May 9th Nami Yamamoto livestream at 12pm

May 10th Karen Bernard livestream at 3pm

Week Two

May 11th Birgit Larson livestream at 12pm, 4pm & 8pm

May 12th Racoco

May 13th Emily LaRochelle & Sarazina Joy Stein livestream at 2pm

May 14th Kameron Chatman

May 15th Annie Heath


May 17th Remi Harris + Mark Schmidt

Week Three

May 18th Degenerate Art Ensemble

May 19th MAYDAY

May 20th Diana Crum pre-register (required) for noon and/or 1 PM workshops; public livestream at 8:30pm

May 21st Bob Eisen

May 22nd CynthiaMcLaughlin&Co

May 23rd Hanna Satterlee livestream at 12pm

May 24th Camilo Godoy

Week Four

May 25th Anh Vo

May 26th Nate Yaffe telephone dance at 3pm (english) 4pm (french) 9pm (english) 10pm (french)

May 27th Tanja London alias qualia-c livestream at 9pm EST, 6pm PST

May 28th Liberty Styles livestream at 2pm and 7pm EST

May 29th Sarah Toumani Dance Co

May 30th Krista DeNio and Debra Disbrow livestream at 7pm EST, 4pm PST

May 31st Kyla Kegler Zoom livestream 4pm pre-register HERE


This season New Dance Alliance has received support for the Performance Mix Festival
from the following foundations and organizations:

New York State of Opportunity Council on the Arts Québec Délégation Générale New York Mertz Gilmore Foundation Harkness Foundation for Dance Bernstein Family Foundation

And from generous individual donors.


Festival Technical Team: Julia Antinozzi, Emily Goucher, Fernando Maneca, Olivia Palacios
Promotion Video: Video Editor: Nathaniel Wixon @wixon.nyc and @wixon.creative, Music: Joe Beblavy @jb.mov
Advisors: Lisa Parra and Daniel Pinheiro