David Lee Sierra

Headshot of David Sierra in moody lighting.
David Sierra, photo-courtesy of the artist.

Image description: David Sierra—a white trans woman with light skin, high cheekbones, blue eyes, and dark blonde hair parted in the center—looks toward the camera, head tilted, her left finger pressed gently to her temple. She wears a black silk button-down, silver chain-link earrings, a thin silver nose ring, lip gloss, and long black press-on nails.

David Sierra is a New York-based artist and writer practicing and researching performance and production. She creates text, dance, video, sound, photography, installation, and public programming. Sierra reads and writes about sex, science, fiction, disability, transness, feminism, aesthetics, and linguistics. Her artistic practices are concerned with embodied experiences of movement and sound in horror, gothic literature, popular culture, and medical technology. davidleesierra.com.

Public Structures of Feeling, an iterative performance that examines the embodied negotiations between how structures force us to move and how we desire to move. The work uses electronic music, physical structures, and choreographic labor to examine disabled and trans sex, work, and feeling in private, public, solo, and collective contexts.