Nate Yaffe

Nate Yaffe, photo by Kinga Michalska

Nate Yaffe is an experimental dance, theatre and video artist, based in Tiohtà:ke (Montreal) who researches queer strategies to create relational choreographic structures, placing performance as fundamentally a social exchange. His tactile dances dismantle movement shame through un-correcting the self-censored body.

Nate is the current co-curator at Centre de création O Vertigo (CCOV) alongside Hanako Hoshimi-Caines. He also initiated and curates the residency series, This is actively built, which brings together queer artists to attack the question ‘what is queer dance?’ challenging the classic residency structure by restituting the artists’ autonomy to allow a cross-pollination of knowledge and practices.

He is a member of the cooperative dance company Le Radeau, which develops community-centred alternatives for being a dance artist in face of the uncertain future of global capitalism and ecological collapse.

Created through radical trust in the body, Innateness choreographs itself through unconsidered movements that rip through the artist. In this solo work, Nate Yaffe offers himself up as an open orifice, spilling fleshy histories with disarming vulnerability and humor. Excavating muscle memories as artifacts accrued from a lifetime of dance training, internalized hetero-masculinity, and repressed hyperactivity, Yaffe unearths an innately queer vocabulary that lives beneath this social conditioning.