x and co.

x and co., photo by Samantha Bajonero

x (they/themme, fae/faer, ze/hir) is a TRANSdisciplinary artist who offers a conceptual and “post-technique” approach to movement-based performance. x has shared short films, installations, and dance works in Budapest, HU; Detroit, MI; Ithaca, NY; and NYC (including Dixon Place, Judson Church, Satellite Art Club, Honey’s Bar, and Starr Bar). Selected accomplishments include: Bronx Cultural Visions Fund: Concept Development Track (2022), City Artist Corps grant (2021), LiftOff Residency at New Dance Alliance (2021); Fellowship with The Performance Project @ University Settlement (2021-2022); Disability. Dance. Artistry. Dance. Residency Program (Dance/NYC, Gibney, 2021-2022), Disability. Dance. Artistry. Dance and Social Justice Fellowship Program (Dance/NYC, 2020), Black Sound Artist Grant from Voice of the Valley (2020); Needing It Residency with BAX (Brooklyn Arts Exchange, 2019). Currently, x is a Guest Choreographer with the Student Company and an Assistant Teaching Artist in the School at Mark Morris Dance Center. x is excited to share that among their collaborative projects, they are a co-creator and performer in Territory: The Island Remembers, an upcoming ensemble performance and installation led by zavé martohardjono (Gibney, April 2022).

noon: 30 or midnight: 45 is a conceptual and abstracted dreamscape that recalls memories of childhood trauma. This serves as an exploratory case study on complex PTSD; how childhood trauma affects individuals as they grow into adults, as told through movement, text, and bright colors.