Alex Romania

Alex Romania, photo by Miao Jiaxin

Alex Romania makes multidisciplinary work at the crux of expansive task and deteriorating form. Romania has presented internationally at venues Sub Rosa (Athens, Greece), Abrons Arts Center (NYC), Grace Exhibition Space (NYC) Brooklyn Studios for Dance (NYC), Glasshouse ArtLifeLab (NY), Rosekill (NY), Panoply Performance Laboratory, ABC No Rio (NYC), Huerto Roma Verde (DF, Mexico), Casa Viva (DF, Mexico), Human Resources (Los Angeles), Encuentro (Lima, Peru), UV Estudios (Buenos Aires, Argentina), and the Pillsbury House (Minneapolis). Romania has worked as a performer with artists Kathy Westwater, Antonio Ramos, De Facto, Catherine Galasso, Simone Forti, Éva Mag, Michele Beck, and on films with Sarah White-Ayón, Daria Fain, Hegemonix, and is currently working with memoirist / conceptualist Stacy Lynn Smith collaboratively directing the feature film ‘RECKONING’. Romania is a member of bands ‘B!G’, ‘WORM’, ‘Town Ghost’, with longtime collaborator Ava Vex / Hegemonix, as well as bands ‘C😃LT’ and noise project ‘P ę R D ! ‘EM’. Romania has held residencies at Movement Research, BKSD, Chez Bushwick, Chashama, Tofte Lake Center, SPACE at Ryder Farm, BAX, Old Furnace Artist Residency, MacDowell, Djerassi, and looks towards a May 2024 premiere of their new work ‘Face Eaters’ at The Chocolate Factory Theater (NYC).

New You Start Now
Existential molecules query at profound mourning as the room sings, bodies vibrate in transcendent dissolution. As we are somehow here and nowhere, we embrace a proposition for performance where, with everything we’ve gone through, we need to do little more than be.