K.J. Holmes

K.J. Holmes, photo by Iki Nakagawa

K.J. Holmes, dance artist/actor/teacher/writer has been exploring improvisation as process and performance since 1981, traveling nationally and internationally teaching, creating, directing.  K.J. is grateful for her teachers and her collaborations with many, including – Dancers: Simone Forti, Ruth E. Grauert, Miguel Gutierrez, Karen Nelson,  Lisa Nelson, Steve Paxton, Karinne Keithley Syers; Poets: Julie Carr, Edwin Torres; Musicians : Roy Campbell, Jr., Baikida Carrol, Juan Ignacio Ferreras; Yoginis: Sondra Loring, Aly Su Borst; Acting: Terry Knickerbocker; Somatics : Andre Bernard, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen; Ayurveda : Dr. Naina Marbelli, Frank Jude Boccio; Voice : Richard Armstrong, Barbara Maier Gustern, Samita Sinha.   K.J. currently teaches at NYU/Experimental Theater Wing, Movement Research, the School for Contemporary Dance and Thought, and her own private classes in Yoga, Somatics and Ayurveda on Zoom.  Recent projects include performing in the film Redoubt and the performance installation Catasterism in 3 Movements of artist Matthew Barney; choreographing and directing Somatopia on the Polish dance theater group Living Space Theater, performing L.I.P. (Love is Power, Martin Luther King, Jr.) with drummer Jeremy Carlstedt, and continuing to develop her solo + immersion 900 Bees are Humming


K.J. Holmes will perform an excerpt of her dance/theater/installation entitled 900 Bees are Humming. The work was researched when she was an NDA Resident Artist in spring 2022. It is a work that enters an interior of the body as a landscape within, surrounded by an ecology of time, weight, and space. Holmes was a 2021–22 LiftOff Resident Artist.