Marlene Millar / Migration Dance Film Project

Marlene Millar / Migration Dance Film Project, photo by Kes Tagney, still from Navigation

Marlene Millar Since 2014, the process-driven continuum of the MIGRATION DANCE FILM PROJECT directed by Millar and choreographed by Sandy Silva comes to life as Marlene transposes choreography to the screen, revealing the intricacies of these issue-driven, performative stories that have garnered over 30 awards internationally. Since 2000, Marlene has co-created a critically acclaimed collection of dance media work with Philip Szporer through their company, MOUVEMENT PERPÉTUEL. A prolific educator and mentor, Millar has taught filmmaking across continents at institutes such as Centre Imagine (Burkina Faso), Malakta (Finland), Impulstanz (Vienna) and throughout the Canadian Arctic.

Navigation (Cinédanse film)
Set in the spectacular west coast of Ireland with a cast of 10 dancers and 40 singers, Navigation uses the landscape, vocals, and rhythm to explore how we navigate through unknown terrain.