Maxi Hawkeye Canion

Maxi Hawkeye Canion, photo by Laura Carella

Maxi Hawkeye Canion (they/them) is an Improviser, Durational Performance/Movement Artist, and Director based in Brooklyn, NY. They desire to communicate impactful and relatable narratives through visually transporting happenings. Community and collaboration are integral to their process and support world-building as they conjure dreamscapes materialized by sculptural garment designs, immersive sound planes, textural motions, and interactive installations. Through trance-induced improvisational sessions, they surrender to streams of unconscious thought and communicate with their dormant beasts. They are interested in presenting their processes’ “bare bones” and invoking dialogue around identity, reality, and intimacy.

Whatever happened to ____?
About their new work, Maxi Hawkeye Canion writes:Finally, see me at my worst, as bubblegum chewed for too long…a gorgeous color. I vehemently wonder how the body can be a safe house, a home, and simultaneously the cruelest extension of hope. Sometimes shit is just bleak.” Canion is a 2022–23 LiftOff Resident Artist.