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Looking Back: Highlights from the Performance Mix Festival 1986-2020

Performance Mix Festival: 35th Anniversary

25th Anniversary Performance Mix Festival 25 x 3 May 1, 2011

25 x 3 highlighting artists from the festival’s twenty-five year legacy. Each artist presented a three minute solo work choreographed to a commissioned score by Montreal composer Alexis O’Hara. Artists in order of appearance Ariane Anthony, Tina Croll, David Appel, Wendy Blum, Arthur Aviles, Emily Faulkner, Chris Ferris, Naomi Goldberg Haas, Sue Hogan, KJ Holmes, Yvonne Meier, Sahar Javedani, Katherine Longstreth, Barbara Mahler, Jenn McGinn, Jessica Morgan, Jody Oberfelder, Edisa Weeks, Marta Renzie, Rachel Schroeder, Sally Silvers, Emily Wexler, David Parker, Merian Soto, and Andrea Woods.

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