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At Performance Mix Festival #37

Check out exciting work from two NDA BASC Artists!

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Alexander Diaz · SUNDAY, JUNE 11TH AT 1PM

photo by Alexander Diaz

in due time aims to explore the inner voice, how it is formed, and how it then shapes our intentions, and desires, in turn molding our individual natures both internally and externally. Diaz writes: “I’ve created “in due time” to better understand patterns I’ve adopted as well as belief systems I’ve inherently used as scaffolding to protect myself from myself.”

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Ayan Felix · THURSDAY, JUNE 8TH AT 8:30PM

photo by Lynn Lane

North Carolina-based choreographer Ayan Felix brings their latest work, the queen has died… to the festival. The work is an apparatus to achieve distinct flavors of Black queer joy. Backed by a mix of Southern classics, it is a collaborative effort between three dancers and a DJ to stay afloat and avoid the news.

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PM #37 features work by

Béatriz Mediavilla • Juli Brandano • Morgan Amirah Burns • Juan Jesús Guiraldi/UNA Constante • Kaveh Nabatian • Rafael V. Cañals Pérez • Ayan Felix • Raúl Tamez • Mistaya Hemingway • Katerina & Jay • Maho Ogawa • evan ray suzuki • Jean‑Christophe Yacono (yako) • LayeRhythm • Jil Guyon • Alexander Diaz • Ayano Elson • Marlene Millar/Sandy Silva/ Migration Dance Film Project • Alex Romania • Psychic Wormhole/Stacy Lynn Smith • Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo • K.J. Holmes • Nora Sharp • Thomas Corriveau • Maxi Hawkeye Canion • Rebecca Patek and Connor Voss

To learn more about the artists and performance schedule, visit the Performance Mix Festival page.

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