WVS, photo courtesy of the artist

Wives, photo courtesy of the artist

Featured in EDGY NYC + MTL.

Wives is a performance collective based in Montreal and Toronto and comprised of Julia Thomas, Emma-Kate Guilmond, and Aisha Sasha John. Wives juxtaposes and layers categories of art and entertainment to create unique new genres of performance. Its new experimental sport where nobody wins happened at Hatch 11 Artist Residency at Harbourfront Centre (Toronto, 2015). Its mermaid coming-of-age story about sex, love, and women’s bodies was last performed at SummerWorks Festival Live Art series (Toronto, 2014). In 2016 Wives’ founding members are joined by a new agent for their Action Movie project, in which they appropriate the action movie genre through a feminist lens to decipher problems of control, agency, wealth, and violence.