Clara Furey

Clara Furey of Par B. L.eux, photo by Francis Ducharme

Clara Furey/Par B.L.eux: Untied Tales (The Vanished Power of the Usual Reign) (50 min). Untied Tales choreographed and performed by Clara Furey and Peter Jasko inspired by a total rethinking of Hansel and Gretel, is a haunting, elegant and hallucinatory piece combining movement, theatre, video—and mystery. This is a must see U.S. premier as it heads towards the Venice Biennale.

Clara Furey developed an interest in mixed forms, in the languages and codes that make up the performing arts after studying music at the Conservatoire de Paris and then dance at the Ateliers de danse moderne de Montréal. She began her artistic career as a singer and composer before turning to dance, acting and cinema, most notably appearing in Guy Maddin’s lm The Forbidden Room. After dancing for numerous choreographers, including Georges Stamos and Benoît Lachambre, who had a strong impact on her artistic approach, Clara Furey decided in 2003 to focus on choreographic creation and performance art, conceiving dance in terms of the body’s full range of movements, breaths, work, action. In 2005, Clara Furey began her choreographic career with projects at the crossroads of dance, performance and music. Hello… How Are You?, a dance-theatre hybrid co-created in 2011 with actress Céline Bonnier, marked her choreographic debut. Untied Tales represents a pivotal stage in the path of Clara Furey, since it combines the artist’s overall reflections developed not only in dance, but in music and the performing arts.