Hortense Gerardo

Hortense Gerardo, photo by Tom Epperson

Infinite Corridor is a performative meditation on the evolution of bipedal ambulatory motion in great apes, hominids, and proto-human automatons.  Shot on location along an infamously long hallway at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from which the film derives its title, it begins with a Muybridgean study of adult human walking, and then progresses through various modes of locomotion, from the great apes, archaic hominids, to the various stages of ambulation in Homo sapiens.  The second part shows a brief excerpt of dance as a variation of bipedal ambulatory motion.  The final part depicts examples of walking as cultural and political signifiers as seen in the fashion industry and the creation of biomimetic robots, the most technologically advanced examples of which, began their peregrinations in close proximity to the walls of the Infinite Corridor.

Hortense Gerardo has performed works by New York-based choreographer, Edisa Weeks of DELIRIOUS, Deborah Butler of Kitsune Dance Theatre in Somerville, Annie Sailor, Susan Matheke and Kathryn Kollar at Artspace in New Haven and Reggie Wilson of Fist and Heel Performance Group. Prior training includes modern dance with Paul Saliba of Sydney Dance Company, Elke Scheller at der Tanzwerkstatt in Germany, African dance with Jennies Newman of the Ghana Dance Ensemble, flamenco training with Kati Garcia-Renart and Sabrina Aviles. Her teachers in butoh include Maureen Fleming, SU-EN, Katsura Kan, Atsushi Takenouchi, Eiko and Komo, Tadashi Endo, Mari Osanai, Akira Kasai, Moeno Wakamatsu and Ko Murobushi. Recent works include MEDIA|MEDEA at the Massachusetts College of Art, SCRUB, at the New England Fringe Festival and the IX° International Performance Art Festival in Monza, Italy, ENCORE|UN COEUR at the INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ART, BOSTON and MOORING VENICE at the 2011 Venice Biennale. Hortense performed in The Moses(s) Project: A Local Investigation choreographed by Reggie Wilson Fist and Heel Company at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. SHADOW | PROOF HOUSE, her latest action art installation work, was performed at the Spadina Museum in the 2014 Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, Toronto.

Website: www.hortensegerardo.com
Twitter: @hfgerardo