Thea Little

Thea Little, photo by Su Pang

In SucFesFul, Thea Little impersonates five specific American politicians and International rock stars as impetus for a schizophrenic explosion of facial expressions, gestures, sounds, song and physical movements. Through performing these iconic characters they become prototypes for the dictator, the careerist, the socialist, the child and the intellect. Through TV and the media these personalities are in our living spaces, dangerously close to the family album.

Thea Little, born and bred in New York City, is a Brooklyn-based performer, choreographer, musician, composer, and director. She performs solos and choreographs group works.  She has presented throughout the United States, Belgium, Austria, France, and England. Little, composing since age 5, creates music for her own works as well as for other choreographers. Little has joined residencies and fellowships with The Field, Lanchonete in Brazil, Leimay/Cave, and New Dance Alliance’s LiftOff Creative and Project Development Residency. She received her BA from Columbia University and her MFA from Hollins University/ADF and she studied at the School of American Ballet for six years where she performed in many ballet productions with NYCB. In 2005, Little was Music Director to Shen Wei Dance Arts to teach Steven Reich’s very intricate 43-minute score to the choreographer and dancers to create the internationally-acclaimed Map for the Lincoln Center Festival. From 2013-2015, Little performed simultaneously dancing and singing in a dance-opera called Any Size Mirror is a Dictator with Panoply Lab and Lindsey Drury culminating in a five-week run at Momenta Art. Recently Thea directed a dance-sculpture work Control Equinoxin collaboration with artist Niki Singleton presented in the Beaux Arts Court of The Brooklyn Museum, Triskelion Theater, and NYU Engineering Lobby during the BEAT Festival 2016. Since 2013, Little has co-directed and co-produced a multi-disciplinary arts residency in Lakeville, Ct called IMAR. She is currently developing and performing projects from last year such as Successful and Post Election Therapy as well as helping and collaborating with various performance groups. A return to composing music is a focus as well.

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