Antonio Ramos

Antonio Ramos, photo by Miguel Anaya

Antonio Ramos’ El pueblo de los Olvidodos (The Forgotten Town) is an exploration and research about post Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Dedicated to la Familia, los amigos y la Tierra, and all of the forgotten ones. Not a complete work but the beginning of an idea to bring light to the darkness (literalmente).

With his Queer-Puerto-Rican Cha-Cha-Heels Shaman identity as a point of departure, choreographer Antonio Ramos explores themes related to gender diversity and ‘sub-class’ conflicts.

Antonio Ramos has taught at the University of Puerto Rico, Ballet de San Juan; Ballet Teatro de Puerto Rico; Ballet Municipal of Puerto Rico; Ballet Concierto; Danza Jazz of Puerto Rico; Dance Space Center; BAAD!/Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance; Latin Dance Festival in New York City; Princeton, Cornell, Wesleyan and Marymount Universities; Barnard College; SUNY/Purchase; The New School; NYU; The International School of Bangkok; Den Norsken Ballett Hoyskole in Oslo, Norway; and The Paluca Shule in Dresden, Germany.

Antonio is also a Licensed Massage Therapist, Zero Balancing Practitioner, and Watsu Practitioner. He is currently becoming certified in The Feldenkrais Method.