Awilda Rodriguez Lora

Awilda Rodriguez Lora (video still)

Mama Awilda: El Duet Film adaptation by Kortney Ryan Ziegler from Awilda Rodriguez Lora’s multimedia solo performance titled, Mamá Awilda: El Duet. Performed live at The Garage Dec. 3-4, 2009. Piece was developed as part of AIRspace, Art Residency Program at The Garage for Queer Performers living in the Bay Area. Special thanks to my mother Awilda Lora.

Awilda Rodríguez Lora is a performance artist whose work challenges the gendered and racialized boundaries that mark her body. Using her body and its lived histories as a vehicle, she highlights the instabilities of these categories and questions the limits they impose. As a queer woman born in Mexico, raised in Puerto Rico, and living in-between USA and Latin America, her performances traverse multiple colonial realities. Her work promotes progressive dialogues regarding hemispheric colonial legacies, and the unstable categories of race, gender, class, and sexuality.