Larissa Velez-Jackson

Larissa Velez-Jackson, photo by Liz Schneider-Cohen

Larissa Velez-Jackson will present Star Crap Method for Dancers: Healing Edition. Star Crap Method is a dance-improvisation/live composition practice that embraces technical brilliance and failure in equal measure, ushering in a form of creative limitlessness with opportunities for great humor, vulnerability, and absurdity. Through spoken inner monologue while dancing, LVJ shares the dancers processing of not only their performance experience, but the narration of somatic forms used to address injury and personal trauma.

Larissa Velez-Jackson(LVJ) is a NYC-based choreographer and multi-platform artist. She uses improvisation as a main tool for research and creation, yielding dance, sound, speech, and deep humor. She presented work at numerous NYC venues such as: Danspace Project ’10, American Realness Festival ’11, ’15 at Abrons Arts Center, Chocolate Factory Theater ’14, and in 2017 at New York Live Arts with Yackez, a song-and-dance collaboration with her husband, Jon Velez-Jackson. In the year 2016, LVJ’s tenth year of making experimental dance, she fulfilled the famous Martha Graham adage “it takes ten years to make a dancer,” or in this case a choreographer. LVJ was nominated for a 2016 New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” award for Outstanding Emerging Choreographer and was awarded the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Grant to Artists award, as well as residencies with Gibney Dance Center DiP, Mount Tremper Arts, and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Process Space (all for the Yackez premiere at New York Live Arts). Her current solo venture is a choreographic residency at the historic Harkness Dance Center at 92Y, 2017-18, where she is furthering the research of her performance practice, the Star Crap Method. The new work created from this research will premiere in 2020 at The Chocolate Factory.