Anna Witenberg

Anna Witenberg and Dancers, photo by Christopher Duggan

Sister of Sistrum engages the deep and mercurial rhythms of friendship. Encased within a pool of amniotic waters, a pair of cousin-sister-friends revolve around one another, pulled by the currents of glacial Time. They consummate their bond through a ritual shuffle.

She seems to have come from the desert. I see her sitting upon a rock, sharpening her knife. Why she sharpens the knife, I do not know. Perhaps to peel a piece of fruit. Perhaps to draw a wound.

Her fingers twist the shard of metal.

I like how she looks.

I swim towards her.

Grief storms her eyes. I do not ask what pains her, though I think I understand.


I have sat on this rock before.


My bottom knows this warm sand, my breasts this dry wind.


Anna Witenberg is a Brooklyn based dancer and choreographer. She has danced for Sarah Michelson, Anna Sperber, Beth Gill, Katie Workum, Doug LeCours, and Maya Lee Parritz. Her work has been shown at the Brooklyn Ballet.