Audrée Juteau

Audrée Juteau, photo by Natasha Thomas

With her work The Strange Strangers, Audrée Juteau proposes a singular meeting place between dance and animism. Human bodies and inanimate objects interact unpredictably, melting into one another, morphing into ghostly forms. Juteau investigates the strangeness of our surrounding environment, human and non-human, while discovering some of its unexpected facets.

Born and raised in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Audrée Juteau graduated in 2003 from LADMMI (Contemporary Dance School of Montreal). A seasoned performer, she has danced internationally for numerous choreographers and companies such as Katie Ward, Deborah Dunn, Estelle Clareton, Sonya Biernath, Jordi Ventura, Aurélie Pedron, Caroline Laurin-Beaucage, Catherine Lavoie-Marcus, Bouge de là company and the Jean-Pierre Perreault Foundation for the farewell international tour of Joe (2004), a masterpiece from a pioneer of contemporary dance in Canada. In 2016 she earned her master’s degree in contemporary dance from the University of Québec in Montréal (UQAM). Audrée is also an actress, she played a first role in the film Higglety Pigglety Pop or there must be more to life of the company Clyde Henry of the filmmakers Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski, produced by Spike Jonze, Marcy Page and Warner Bross). Audrée Juteau danced in diverses festivals and presented works in Canada and internationally such as in France, England, Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Scoland, Holland, Belgium, Danemark and Norway. (see details below)

Drawn to the creative flux generated by multiple artistic voices in dialogue, Juteau choreographed her first works as a part of the collective The Choreographers, in collaboration with Peter Trosztmer, Katie Ward and Thea Patterson. In 2012, she left to begin her own choreographic practice exploring the porous membrane that separates life and performance. Her ensuing works, Poisson (2013), Youme (2013), Sam affecte (2015), and Les Strange strangers (2017), all bear the signature of her unique choreographic approach. Her work toured in Norway, France, UK and Canada. (see details below) Over the course of her career, Juteau’s work has enjoyed the support of numerous partners, such as Studio 303, Tangente, CCOV, Mains d’œuvres (Paris), who continue to promote the development of her artistic ventures.

A recipient of the David Kilburn prize in 2015, and the DanceWeb scholarship in 2010 from Jardin d’Europe – ImPlusTanz (Autriche), Juteau has also received recurring support from the Canada and Quebec Arts Councils since she began her career in 2004.