Doug LeCours

Doug LeCours, photo by Sara Gibbons

3 Fictions, a new work by Doug LeCours, is a choreographic ruse. Stark and pristine movement sequences occur and don’t develop alongside conversations that lead nowhere. Each distinct element of the work is a distraction from the others. 3 Fictions unfolds as a slow reveal of a vacant center.

Doug LeCours is a Brooklyn-based artist working across choreography, performance, and video. His work has been presented in NYC by AUNTS, Center for Performance Research, New York Live Arts, and Underdonk Gallery, and nationally at Satellite Art Show (Miami) and Yeah Maybe Gallery (Minneapolis). He has been a resident artist at Chez Bushwick and a Fresh Tracks artist at New York Live Arts. His collaborations with Sara Gibbons as the duo TALL GIRLS DANCING have been presented by Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Center for Performance Research, and Movement Research at the Judson Church. As a performer, he has worked with many choreographers and directors including Keely Garfield, Catherine Galasso, Shandoah Goldman, Paul Matteson, Julie Mayo, Rady & Bloom, RoseAnne Spradlin, and Ash R.T. Yergens. He holds a BA in dance and creative writing from Middlebury College.