Siri & Snelle

Siri & Snelle, photo by Tale Hendnes

Siri & Snelle will present Collapsing Distance. There comes a time when dancing has to be redefined, and it becomes crucial to actively collapse the distance between art and work, esthetics and life, age and experience, the local and the global. This is when the midlife woman emerges. She who refuses to shut up and curl up in a corner. She offers a demanding presence—a powerhouse of sensory experiences and perceptions.

For more than twenty years the Norwegian duo Siri & Snelle have produced cutting edge work within a wide scope of formats – independent productions and commissioned works including for Carte Blanche, The Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance. They have explored their own lives and inadequacies, pursued anti-hierarchical forms and highlighted the intuitive, the emotional, and the sensual. Collaboration and cooperation with others has been central in their productions since the beginning, and improvisation a consistent basis of their creative methodology. Collectively, their body of work could be described as an insistence on fluent non-conformity.