Birgit Larson

Noon LIVE Video Broadcast

“Fetish of the Ex” is a project started in 2016. A performative exploration of a relationship with my new boyfriend’s ex-fiance. It involved the house they bought together, her leftover possessions and the myth of her presence.

“It can be a sort of game to become so quiet in a house that you don’t even believe you are there yourself. I tried this with her; got really quiet and sank into the bed to let her run around so I could watch her.”

I lived within her space, to consume it and be consumed. I made decisions as she may have. I submitted to her and I ruled her. I moved through time and space to understand and reenact the myth of our past, to better understand my desires. The desire is to become someone else and to understand someone else as a means of creating change within oneself. The objective of living inside some else is to change.

I am currently creating an artist book of this project to be released later this year.

4pm LIVE Performance

“Performing Labor” is an ongoing series started in 2016 exploring various forms of labor. Starting as “benevolent” labor I took on self directed tasks in parks, grocery stores, etc. Then, almost a year ago I became unemployed and socially isolated because of it. The “labor performances” took on a new meaning, searching for value and identity. Now, I watch as so many people, unemployed and isolated enter this space of uncertainty. I continue the Labor Performance series during quarantine. I wear a suit and keep a timesheet as I hold this space.

8pm LIVE Video Broadcast

“Reasons for Licking” is a reaction and meditation on anxiety, performance, attention, narcissism, cleaning, obsession, compulsion, first performed in 2013, It seems relevant now.

Birgit Larson’s work plays with rules: constructing physical, emotional or habitual constraints based on observations about what is going on in her life at the time. She starts in the “negative” space of awkwardness, anxiety and indecision; developing the practice from there, often creating a long form performance that becomes part of her daily life. She has resided in the Hudson Valley, NY since 2014, where she is a member of the Hudson Valley Movement Collective. She received her MFA in Creative Practice from TransArt Institute in 2017 and BFA in Painting and Drawing from Indiana University Bloomington in 2008. She has exhibited nationally and internationally. More information can be found at

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