Juli Brandano


LAG, is a video series born out of the loneliness of quarantine, slow internet, and an obsession with unison dancing. Using the video conferencing app Zoom to double the body, Juli and her collaborators created a series of frustrating, glitchy compositions, in an attempt to dance together during this time of isolation.

You can view the whole series (15 short video works) and find the score at julibrandano.com/lag

Here are four videos from the collection, which includes “solo, “group,” and “friend” lags. Dancing/improvising below are Juli, Amelia Heintzelman, Josie Bettman, and Leah Samuels.

solo lag

april 15: talking to myself

group lag

april 14: two duets, split on the horizontal

featuring Amelia Heintzelman, Josie Bettman, and Leah Samuels

may 4: follow lead

featuring Amelia Heintzelman, Josie Bettman, and Leah Samuels

friend lag


featuring amelia heintzelman

Bio: Juli Brandano is a dancer and choreographer based in Brooklyn, NY. As a performer, she has collaborated with and learned from Phoebe Berglund, Jessica Cook, Ayano Elson, Amelia Heintzelman, Jodi Melnick, Cally Spooner, and Alexandra Pirici. Her work has been presented at the School of Contemporary Dance and Thought (Northampton, MA), Brooklyn Arts Exchange’s Upstart Program, and Movement Research at Judson Church.

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