Kameron Chatman

Artist statement

My artistic voice functions inside of a space that is both liberating and combative. It operates in a way that gives me the permission to be shamelessly confrontational and audacious, contrary to life as a black woman within America. The performance of my works opens the opportunity to establish an alternative world that is catered to the rage and beauty of black women that has been consistent throughout my life.

My choreographic works aim to root and are rooted in my practice of improvisation as a public performance that dives into the lineage of my life as a black woman. I explore the concept of battlefield and the frontline of battlefield; it acts as a parallel to my life inside of my identity as a black woman. It acts as both a remanence of my ancestors and an ode to the now. I work around ideas that helped to maintain the fight and sanity in my ancestors, which have lingered to help me find ways to combat and maintain my peace today. My work allows me to be all of the things that I cannot be while in my real world, such as the power of invincibility— a power reserved for the privileged. This power is the most significant and it devours my practice in the best way possible. When I talk about invincibility, I think mostly about the freedom of being able to do exactly what pleases me without any repercussions and trusting that the audience will stick with me.


Kameron Chatman is an Alabama native who utilizes movement as a tool to support social justice. She is a Spring 2020 BFA in Dance graduate from The Florida State University. She has interned with Camille A. Brown & Dancers and Urban Bush Women. Kameron was a part of Ann Carlson’s MANCC residency in 2016 and performed Carlson’s Flag 2 Redo, along with Urban Bush Women’s repertories Walking with ’Trane and Shelter. Additionally, Kameron has performed with Rosy Simas Danse in Simas’ work Weave and Dafi Altabeb in her recent work Fight or Flight. She has been selected to present her choreographic work as an undergraduate at Southeastern Conference of ACDA, Exchange Choreography Festival, Alabama Dance Festival’s New Works Concert and Mark DeGarmo Dance Salon Performance Series.

Social Media

Instagram: @instakamm.dance, @instakamm
Facebook: facebook.com/kameron.chatman.50

“In and Out”

In and Out is an improvisational work that is constantly evolving and functions on the ideas of family, the black community, the image of the black woman, blackness, and women. My family and community have always been an important part of my life and I have recently realized that my gravitation towards the two actually provide the support necessary to succeed inside the social barrier of whiteness. This improvisational practice as a performance aims to establish a community on a stage that is represented by a solo performer. It questions the ability to be able to bring our whole selves to the proscenium. Implied in these two ideas are the forces of black women (as community wouldn’t exist without the presence of them) and blackness, in the sense of practices inside of the brown/black communities. The performance of this practice is never the same.

Photos by Clark Scott


It is a continuance of, extension of “In and Out” that dives into the ‘outs,’ magnifying a shared trauma that has been ingrained in my identity.

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