Rachel Cohen is Racoco, fusing raw materials with absurdist visuals and quixotic choreography often in collaboration with other performers, visual artists, and composers.

What I am doing now.

  1. Collaborations with my mom
    My mom died unexpectedly in February. She was an artist, and had a lot of materials she had collected for collages. In the last month or so I have been fiddling with some of those materials–dancing on a small surface, with my mother.

  1. Under the moon
    Last summer I started a video project with my friends Jeff Morris and Max Olivier, to a song by Jeff’s band Kotorino. I’ve picked it up again while sheltering in place. It’s not finished, but here’s some idea of the direction it’s going.

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What I was going to do for Performance Mix

I’m drawn to working with textures. This year I revisited salt-water taffy, which I like for its unctuousness and malleability. For Performance Mix I was planning to do a trio with dancers Remi Harris  and Masumi Kishimoto, based on a solo I did in October. Instead, here’s a peek at the process (I made the taffy myself!). The music in the clip is Jeff Morris again.

Photo by Karen Robbins

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What I was doing before (and will do again)

A year ago, we premiered “TILT”, the culmination of a 10-year series of projects exploring wood, delusion, and Don Quixote. You can read about it here and here. We have some plans to tour with it, once that becomes possible.

Photo by Olek

Photo by Julie Chetaille

You can visit Racoco’s website here and sign up for our newsletter here. You can also join me tonight at 6pm for a free Action Theater practice group for all levels. Email me at rachelcohen (at) racoco (dot) org for the Zoom details.

Thank you for joining me today!

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Rachel Cohen studied choreography with Claire Mallardi at Harvard University, and in New York studied dance with Mary Anthony, Bertram Ross, and Carolyn Lord, and mask and clown with Rafael Bianciotto and Mario Gonzales. She is a certified teacher of Ruth Zaporah’s Action Theater improvisation. She has performed with Nadine Sures, Sarah Bild and Susanna Hood, Theodora Skipitares, Christopher Caines, Julie Atlas Muz, Ariane Anthony, Le Min Tam, Shua Group, Mary Anthony, Rika Burnham, and Fiona Templeton, and choreographed for Olek, Chelsea Knight, Christine Jowers/Moving Arts Projects, and Peculiar Works. In 2003 Rachel founded Racoco, which fuses raw materials, absurdist visuals, and quixotic choreography, and burlesque offshoot Racoco + the It Girls. The company has performed in the US, Czech Republic, England, France, Poland, and India. Rachel is an affiliate of The Construction Company, has been artist in residence at Harvard University; Santa Fe Arts Institute; Galapagos Art Space and Cave in Brooklyn, NY; Mix-Arte Myrys in Toulouse, France; and The Sanskriti Foundation in Delhi, India, and has been awarded grants from the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation US Arts International, Meet the Composer/Creative Connections, Live Music for Dance/American Music Center, NYFA, the Field Dance Fund, The Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Fund, and NYC Department of Cultural Affairs. In 2019 Racoco received a New Music USA project grant for the premiere of “TILT” (“80 minutes of creative genius,” theaterscene.net).

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