Tanja London alias qualia-c

COVID lullaby

Erosion of Democracy Trilogy

occupation [2011/2013, USA]

How is Democracy redefined underneath people’s feet?

Read more about part 1 (PDF)

KAPITAL [2016, Germany]

collaboration with tatraum Project Schmidt
What is the actual capital of a Democratic society?

Read more about part 2 (PDF)


artistic collaborators Erik Wagner, Camila Magrane & Justin Watson
What roles do inherited stress and trauma, fear, anger, guilt, and shame play in white privilege and the rise of extreme leadership?

Read more about part 3 (PDF)

VOID ID [2019, USA] music video

collaboration with Camila Magrane

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Other choreography

1880-2080 [2019, SF Fresh Festival/USA]

co-choreography and performance Daiane Lopes da Silva and Tanja London
collaboration with SF ClimateMusic Project, Kinetech Arts, Ian Winters
and Richard Festinger.

1880-2080 investigates the interrelation between the increase of carbon, human land use and population with an exponential growth of revolutionary inventions as well as weather changes and their impact for life on this planet.

The composition and choreography follow the development of scientific data in concrete and metaphorical manner. The choreography focuses on the human centric paradigm that has dominated the last centuries.

Read more about 1880-2080 (PDF)

SAVE YOUR OWN SKIN solo sketch #1 [2016, Mexico]

What is the cultural impact of military technology?

Read more about Save Your Own Skin (PDF)

An Old Gem I Found

private investigation [2011,USA]

Privacy … what’s that?

Tanja London alias quali-c is a kinesthetic, visual, audio and haptic artist as well as a somatic educator living in West Oakland, CA. She grew up in Germany rummaging around in the beautiful widespread forests of the South and in her WWll family history.

Querying social and hierarchical constructs and working on alternative life structures is an integral part of who she is. Her work has a feminist viewpoint and explores sociopolitical and ecological discourses such as the erosion of democracy, the cultural impact of military technology, climate change and resilience, as well as inherited stress and trauma including epigenetics.


With her new experimental electronic music she digs deep into subjective, internal experiences of phenomena and the shadow existence, unearthing all the loose ends that need attention while keeping her sociopolitical edge.

Her work has been shown in the U.S., Cuba, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, UK and China. Besides a BA in Social Pedagogy (Vocational Academy of Social Pedagogy, Stuttgart/Germany) and Contemporary Dance (London Contemporary Dance School, London/UK) she holds an MFA in Modern Dance (University of Utah, Salt Lake City/US) including a Screendance Certificate.

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