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Our Fundraiser ends
TONIGHT at 11:59pm

Any amount helps! Donations make a huge difference in our ability to continue programming amazing artists like the ones featured in this year’s Performance Mix Festival.


We will not receive funding unless we meet our goal!

Hear what artists have to say:

“Karen (Bernard, NDA’s Executive Director), you are one of the most generous artists in NYC. I have been able to dream as an artist because of your continuous support.”

Christopher “Unpezverde” Núñez, 2021 Performance Mix Artist

“I am so grateful for the nourishment and encouragement I have received from Karen (Bernard). She was the first artist and mentor figure that supported what I did in an impactful way and it was very vital for my growth as an artist.”

Maki Marinoue, Past Performance Mix Artist

Like Maki and Christopher, you know how important our programming can be to support artistic growth. And now we need your support. Funds raised right now through our Kickstarter campaign provide the generous artist fees to participants in the Performance Mix Festival, help us offer free studio space, rent the outdoor performance space and tech equipment to produce the Mix, and continue our other necessary artist programming.

We are SO CLOSE to meeting our goal – only $1,136 away! If everyone donated $10, we would easily meet our goal.

We need your help now more than ever! Thank you for your support!