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New Dance Alliance presents Performance Mix 35

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Performance Mix Festival: 35!

Sunday, June 13th

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Program A | 12:00 PM

Christopher “Unpezverde” Núñez

Photo: Walter Wlodarczyk
Courtesy of The Immigrant Artist Biennale

A Garden in the Shape of Dreams: “This performance is a playful imaginary world inspired by a queer-disabled child who survived years of physical and sexual abuse.” Learn more about Christopher “Unpezverde” Núñez.

TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE: Suggested Donation $15

Program B | 2:00 PM *SOLD OUT*

Co-creation Hadley Smith/Johanna S. Meyer

Photo: Scott Shaw

“….. is a new dance, and first co-creation by Hadley Smith and Johanna S Meyer, who have worked together for 12 years in different capacities.

“……. is an experiment made with improvised scores and set material, performed both live and online, using rudimentary “Zoom features.” We are framing this work through the “eye” of the computer camera for detail and perspective, while performing the dance in person, outside at the same time.

“……. Sees drawing as three-dimensional. Our work together foregrounds fragile technology and a fluid femininity between screen and body. Learn more about Hadley Smith/ Johanna S. Meyer.

Rachel Thorne Germond Performance Collage (RTGPC)

Photo: Steven Pisano

Enigma of an Afternoon is a visual and movement installation – with no intended beginning, middle or end – that addresses various physical and psychic states that have emerged and escalated during the Covid 19 pandemic. Rachel Thorne Germond and Tasha Taylor perform a sort of metaphysical dreamscape, inspired by a trip to the beach on a cold March afternoon in 2021. In this work, we ask ourselves, as we are coming tentatively out of our year of isolation, “How has the world changed? How have we changed?” We are trying to comprehend an enigmatic new reality, and exploring how we can move within it. Learn more about Rachel Thorne Germond Performance Collage (RTGPC).

we are: anna, Kimiko, s., Symara, Tara, Taylor, Ogemdi and marion

Photo: Jessie Young

‘to love the rise/ pt 2’ is an ongoing multimedia dance project including performers Ogemdi Ude, Symara Johnson, Kimiko Tanabe, Tara Sheena, s. lumbert, and slowdanger. Taking lessons from liminality, abolition, and Donna Haraway’s ‘A Cyborg Manifesto,’ we offer visions of a world built from the detritus of our current one – collectively moving and grooving, sensing and sounding, finding and losing order to arrive together in a transformed state of sensing, imagination and action. Learn more about we are: anna, Kimiko, s., Symara, Tara, Taylor, Ogemdi and marion.

Yvonne Meier

Photo: Yvonne Meier

Subtlety in persuasion of my own rhythm will be interrupted by bold explosions. Flow will get interrupted by the playful fulfillment of some COVID created movement Phantasiewelt. Music by Zeena Parkins. Learn more about Yvonne Meier.

Program C | 4:00 PM *SOLD OUT*

Alethea Pace

Photo: Trevon Blondet

Here goes the neighborhood (excerpts) is an offering to the Bronx, a glimpse into memories of a place faced with forgetting, erasure, transformation and possibility. It is an invitation to reclaim space and a reminder of the wealth of knowledge we have in our bodies, histories and communities. Learn more about Alethea Pace.

Leslie Cuyjet

Photo: Maria Baranova

Leslie Cuyjet is most known as a performer whose body of work was recognized with a 2019 New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award for Outstanding Performer for sustained achievement. She has co-directed, designed, danced, and collaborated with a range of artists that include Will Rawls, Juliana F. May, Cynthia Oliver, Jane Comfort, David Gordon, NARCISSISTER, Kim Brandt, and Yanira Castro/a canary torsi among others. Her work interrogates those experiences as a performer in various experimental and post-modern works through the lens of a Black body; and has been supported by residencies at Movement Research, Center for Performance Research, Yaddo, Marble House Project, and MacDowell Colony. Cuyjet’s dances have been presented at MoMA PS1, Center for Performance Research, La MaMa Moves! Festival, Gibney Double Plus, Movement Research Fall Festival and Judson Church, and Danspace Draftworks. Her recent evening-length solo, “Talented,” at Center for Performance Research which received a Last-Stage Production Stipend from the Mertz-Gilmore Foundation. She is co-editor of the Movement Research online publication, Critical CorrespondenceLearn more about Leslie Cuyjet.


Photo: Nat Ward

This new piece reckons with material we began developing pre-pandemic, and tumbles into unforeseen territory where livestock auctioneering, cloning, and a brief dalliance with the Pentecostal church collide. Learn more about MOLLY&NOLA.

Nami Yamamoto

Photo: Lauren Tuvell

(Working title) powerless creature keeps going…. is exploration of her dancing at East River Park during pandemic with her studio work, Trooper’s Brother which was completely pause in 2020. Nami will bring two completely different elements of her practice, and apply, combine, adapt and discover a new normal way to bring a dance to perform. Learn more about Nami Yamamoto.

Performance Mix Festival: 35

In partnership with Movement Research

June 10 – 13, 2021

122 Community Center

150 First Avenue, New York, NY 10009