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Saturday, June 12th

Program A | 12:00 PM
*Prospect Park Performance – LIVE!*

Johnnie Cruise Mercer

Photo: Torian Ugworji

For Performance Mix, Johnnie Cruise Mercer/TheREDprojectNYC will share BAPTISM (PART I & II), the first event of Process memoir 6: thenowlater (HEART). Part ritual, part process performance, BAPTISM follows the journey of “the red figure”, “the black figure”, and “the white figure” as they shed through time in a two-part self-guided metamorphosis.

BAPTISM (Part I) is a ritualistic-happening curated and directed by Adrienne Ansley, Community Coordinator of Johnnie Cruise Mercer/TheREDprojectNYC. BAPTISM (Part 1) will take place at Prospect Park. Follow for updates: @jcm_redprojectnyc and @newdancealliance. Learn more about Johnnie Cruise Mercer.

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Tickets for Program A: Free!

Program B | 7:30 PM

Looking Back: Highlights from the Performance Mix Festival 1986-2020 (film)

Take a look back at the work of Performance Mix artists through the years in this 35th anniversary celebration film.

Degenerate Art Ensemble

Photo: Bruce Clayton Tom

Degenerate Art Ensemble will be presenting a performance created specifically for NDA’s anniversary celebration as part of their current work under development that explores Animism and the connections and disconnects between human beings and the natural world. The work combines visceral movement, sculptural costume, site transforming video projection and live music. The work will be performed by director/dancer Haruko Crow Nishimura, composer/musician Joshua Kohl, and video artist Leo Mayberry with costumes by Wyly Astley. Learn more about Degenerate Art Ensemble.

Johnnie Cruise Mercer

Photo: Torian Ugworji

TheREDprojectNYC will share BAPTISM (Part II), a process-performance choreographically directed and designed by Johnnie Cruise Mercer. Process memoir 6: thenowlater (HEART) is a five-part series of community events scheduled throughout June 2021. Curated as a communal ritual and a documented moment, the series, writes Mercer, is “inspired by deeper sensational listening, the fourth and final journey of PM6 sets course on the ocean of freedom, visibly charting TRPNYC’s collective exodus from tradition.” Mercer is an NDA Black Artists Space To Create Resident Artist. Learn more about Johnnie Cruise Mercer.

Tickets for Program B: Suggested Donation $15

Performance Mix Festival: 35

In partnership with Movement Research

June 10 – 13, 2021

122 Community Center

150 First Avenue, New York, NY 10009

Performance Mix Festival in the press

INTERVIEW (with Degenerate Art Ensemble): New dance work connects animal world with human world

What can audience members expect from your work at this year’s Performance Mix Festival from New Dance Alliance?

KOHL and NISHIMURA: We have created a new installation performance that celebrates new beginnings, people coming together, and sharing the wonder and joy of being together in one space. This summer we are all celebrating a kind of spring after a long period of isolation and anxiety. The performance intertwines imagery of plant and human worlds, and intertwines the sounds of animals and humans. It is a seed of new life rising up from this small courtyard — infusing this unassuming space with new life and energy.

We are also celebrating New Dance Alliance’s 35th anniversary — such a profound accomplishment to thrive and adapt through decades of challenges, showing us that performance will somehow always be there because people need it, and there are bold folks like NDA who are willing to fight through difficulties like what we are currently facing.

Read the full article here.


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