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New Dance Alliance presents Performance Mix 35

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Performance Mix Festival: 35!

Friday, June 11th

Program A | 3:00 PM

Andrew Tay *ONLINE ONLY*

Photo: Kinga Michalska

Moving towards the imagination of a future body. Resisting categorization through the performance of queer moments of reflection, transformation, dream and perversion. Offering the body as a landscape and making skin and flesh the site for magic, illusion, fantasy, horror and desire. Learn more about Andrew Tay.

Tickets for Program A: Suggested Donation $15

– Outdoor Cinema and Installations –

Program B | 7:00 PM

Dana Michel and Tracy Maurice

Photo: Paul Litherland

“…In Lay them all down (2020), as Michel moves through physical frustration with humor and candor, Maurice drives the camera over the floor, amplifying all sounds, using her body as a tripod that advances and collapses. This is not mere documentation, but a video and performance laboratory that asks if mutual understanding can come from really looking at each other. Both Michel and Maurice dress and undress, follow each other, and create dichotomies around closeness, dimension, speed, and noise. Dancer, filmmaker, camera, and audience are all engaged in the simple yet elusive action of focused observation. Dana Michel and Tracy Maurice film and wear objects that propel them outside comfort and cliché. What remains is the intuitive outburst to be seen and be together, regardless of outcome.” (Amelia Bande for Berlin Biennial 2020) Learn more about Dana Michel and Tracy Maurice.

Tickets for Program B: Suggested Donation $15

Program C | 8:00 PM

Andrew Tay

Photo: Kinga Michalska

A video explores moving toward the future body. The work is an extension of Tay’s livestreamed performance. Learn more about Andrew Tay.

Camilo Godoy

Photo: Camilo Godoy

Camilo Godoy presents a lecture demonstration from his ongoing project titled What did they actually see? This project focuses on the artist’s research into colonial texts by European missionaries and explorers describing the dance practices of non-white people. Learn more about Camilo Godoy.

Rosy Simas

Photo: Imranda Ward

yödoishëndahgwa’ (a place for rest) is an installation and performance work by Rosy Simas to heal seven generations of ancestors and seven generations yet to be born. Learn more about Rosy Simas.

Jil Guyon

Video still: Valerie Barnes

Widow’s End: Set against the backdrop of a volcanic red rock quarry in southern Iceland, Widow’s End depicts a lone woman caught in an extreme, inhospitable landscape. Enveloped in a swath of black fabric, her inner and outer realities collide—eliciting a visual tableaux that is both beautiful and horrific in its invocation of loss.

CODA: Shot as one take, Coda features a woman lying motionless on red, volcanic gravel as a handheld camera scans her body. The generating event of her predicament occurred before the film time—inviting spectators to free associate about the mystery of her plight, and the inevitability of one’s own temporality. Learn more about Jil Guyon.

Tickets for Program C: Suggested Donation $15

Performance Mix Festival: 35

In partnership with Movement Research

June 10 – 13, 2021

122 Community Center

150 First Avenue, New York, NY 10009


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