MOLLY&NOLA, photo by Nat Ward

MOLLY&NOLA have been making work together since 2017. Their process is insistent and shameless, an invocation to enter the internal landscape of their alliance while flirting with notions of friendship, sisterhood, rivalry and reverence. They are based in Brooklyn, NY, and have performed their collaborative work in New Mexico, Philadelphia, and at a variety of theaters, galleries, music venues, and DIY spaces throughout NYC. They have held residencies through the Keshet Makers Space Experience (Albuquerque, New Mexico) and New Dance Alliance’s LiftOff Program (NYC).

Nola Sporn Smith is a dance and theater artist from Brooklyn, NY. Nola was nominated for a 2019 “Bessie” Outstanding Performer Award for her work in Stacy Grossfield’s ‘metamorphosis.’ In addition to collaborating with Molly, Nola has also worked with cakeface, Eryka Dellenbach, Emily Smith, and Donna Uchizono Company. Originally from Michigan, Molly Ross now lives in Brooklyn. She loves collaborating with Jo McKendry, Gwendolyn Knapp, Austin Selden, The Dance Cartel, and Nola in NYC. She previously danced for Khecari and Hedwig Dances in Chicago, IL.

Molly Ross and Nola Sporn Smith, also known as MOLLY&NOLA, have been making work together since 2017. Their new piece reckons with material they began developing pre-pandemic, and tumbles into unforeseen territory where livestock auctioneering, cloning, and a brief dalliance with the Pentecostal Church collide. MOLLY&NOLA are 2020–21 NDA LiftOff Resident Artists.